Thanks to free dating site I can become countess :)

In the evening I sit by computer and visit my favorite free dating site. Suddenly I see notification about message from one user. I came to his profile and I was very surprised. I see photos of man - all these pictures are black-and-white. And plots on these photos are vary strange, considering we live in 21st century. His name's Sandro. Surname De Aragon. In his profile are 4 photos: 1. Sandro is on the front of castle some where in Spain. 2. Sandro is riding on the horse. 3. Sandro is playing golf. 4. Sandro is in luxurious interior of castle.

I read his information: he is 55 years old - too old for me, but I was interested in his person. He is such unusual. Seeing his photos and reading his profile I feel Sandro as noble person.

Sandro noticed I watching his profile on this free dating site and he invited me to talk in chat. I accepted his invitation.

We began to talk in chat on free dating site. He asked me why I'm interested in free online dating. I said I'm borried and I want to find new friends, meet interesting people, maybe meet my love. I asked him the resembling question. He answered me in free online dating he searches love, woman of his dreams, future wife. Sandro told me he haven't met such beautiful girl like me yet on this free dating site. I asked Sandro about his unusual photos. He told me he is count by birth. These castle, horses, golf field are his. And he is owner of stable, winery and jeweller's network. I'm becoming surprised go on! We talked to 3 a.m.

How to search reliable free dating site?

Idea to try free online dating appeared two weeks ago and I can not put out it from my head. I have many friends and I remembered the story, which happened three years ago. My friend Sveta married a man from Canada Joy. And she met him on free dating site. I have Sveta's telephone in Canada and her Skype login. I called her. Sveta told me she lives happily with her husband Joy. She loves him and he returns her feelings. I asked Sveta about free dating site, where she met Joy. She suggested me this free dating site. Hearing happy love story, which began from meeting on free dating site, I'm inspired.

I typed the address of this free dating site in the address line - and what a disappointment! Instead of free dating site there was classified.

But I didn't leave idea to try free online dating. I came to and typed in the search line "free dating site". Google yielded me 10 000 000 of free dating sites. What a variety! I began to surf these free dating sites. Some of them I liked. Some of them didn't download or they were inaccessible. I spent two days surfing free dating sites and made my own list Top 30. Making this list I paid my attention on men profiles (quantity of young, handsome men); how many men are online; if design of free dating site is comfortable or not; features (chat, audio, video messages). These free dating sites, which I included in my Top 30 correspond to all my demands:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Online Dating: Striking Peculiarities

Online dating… Much has been told about it during the last several years and there is nothing to be astonished with here. The thing is that this kind of dating has come into our life not long ago, but is has already become the most effectual way for millions of people residing in hundreds of countries across the globe to communicate and build relationships with other users. Well, online dating, just like any other activity, has lots of pros and cons. Furthermore, one and the same point may be treated in different ways by different people, which means that all the advantages and disadvantages of Internet dating are quite controversial and attitude of people to this experience can differ greatly based on their objectives, characters, views, expectations etc.

People generally decide to get involved in online dating for quite different reasons. As a result, they pursue diverse objectives. Some of them, for instance, look for friendly communication without any serious commitment and obligations. In other words, online dating is just a way to make friends and have fun on the web for them. However, the very essence of Internet dating implies that people registered with dating websites, wish to find their soul mates and even get married if they are lucky to find that special someone. Nonetheless, there are users who are looking for casual dating. In this case, it is typically called online dating, which enables people searching for sex to find partners that share the same objectives. Such websites are available exclusively to people who are 18 years old and more. They offer them a possibility to meet partners who have the same sexual preferences. It does not matter whether you are searching for a partner of the same or opposite gender, since you will surely find that very option you currently need. Online dating sites do not have any limits and that is their basic feature.

The majority of sites that offer dating services make it possible for their newly enrolled members to make free profiles. Some of them, though, offer a free trial period only, after which you will be required to update to premium membership, which is in most cases not free. Having bought premium membership, you will be allowed to e-mail to other members, upload your photos, look through those of other users and even make your personal list of favorite users that have once appealed to you. What are the best ways to get the most out of your online dating presence? Some experts state that having a smart and attention-grabbing profile headline is a key to your success.

Everything is quite simple here. People generally havd a quick look at headlines before they decide whether they are interested in further communication with the owner of the profile or not. So, the catchier the headline is – the more chances you have to get other users interested in it! If you feel that you are not capable of composing the headline yourself, you can look through those of other members and make up something witty then. Thus, asking an intriguing question in the headline is a surefire method to attract other users and make them view your profile. Just keep in mind that people are always curious and you can make use of this fact when making up an eye-catching title. Have you coped with that task already? If so, then it is high time to proceed filling out your dating profile. You will see several fields to be completed there, so make sure you submit all the required info, such as your biography facts, interests, preferences, favorite books and movies etc. This info will help you attract the attention of users who share your ideas and like your appeal. As you see, online dating has lots of benefits to offer you. Whether you are searching for casual sex, friendship or serious and long-lasting relationships, this kind of dating will meet your needs!

My first meeting on free dating site

I have just registered on free dating site - and here you are! 10 minutes passed - a man from India wrote a message to me. I saw his profile: 36 years old, handsome, good-educated (certificated in math). In his profile on free dating site there are 20 photos. I saw all them. He is really handsome! His name is Khakan. He lives in Delhi. Reading his message I understood he speaks English fluently.

He wrote me:"Hi, my dear Helen. How are you? I saw your photos and decided to write to you. I'm won by your beauty. Your eye are like deep lakes, your lips are like rose petals, your cheeks are like peaches, your hair are like silk, you have swan's neck, your figure is graceful like panther..." His next letters were resembling on this message. He wrote me poetry about me and my beauty. I was won by him. I answered him immediately. And we began our correspondence. He told me about India, sent me Indian landmarks photos.

On this free dating site there is such feature as chat. And we talked in chat during hours. Khakan told me about his family, Indian traditions. His tales were like The Arabian Nights.

We talked in chat by two weeks on this free dating site. Every day Khakan sent me winks, flowers. Than I told him my phone number. And Khakan called me every morning to tell me: "Good morning, my soul!" And we were in chat to 2-3a.m. every morning.

One evening Khakan told me: "Can we meet personally?" I said:"Of course". I thought he will propose me to meet in Moscow or in some foreign resort. But Khakan said me:" I'll make glad you. Next month I will come to Russia. I heard in Moscow there are many students. I think they need a math tutor. Can you find out how much is math lesson in Moscow?" I was shocked. I asked him:"Where will you live?" Khakan answered me:"In your house. You love me and I love you. I will like your parents. We will happy together..."

In that way my Arabian Night was finished...

On free online dating sites you can find real love

I and my friend Natasha had fun, when wrote to some men on free dating site. But one everning I saw profile of one man from Poland. He is 32 years old, dark, handsome. He is a doctor (surgeon). I decided to don't talk Natasha about him. And I wrote to Zbyshek (his name) by myself. He answered me immediately. We began talk in chat.

Zbyshek told me he shocked by my beauty and he haven't met such nice girl yet. I was charmed by his manner of speaking. We communicated with him in chat during one week. After that we decided to move our relations from free dating site to real life.

Poland is near of Russia. We decided to go together in boarding house near Moscow. I met Zbyshek at the airport and we spent two days in Moscow. Zbyshek wanted to see some landmarks of Russian capital. He was very surprised that on the free dating site you can meet a person and develop with him/her serious romantic relations.

Each morning I received swell bunch of flowers. I like hyacinths. And Zbyshek gave me my favorite flowers every day. The boarding house was excellent. We spent 2 wonderful weeks here. I understood Zbyshek is nice lover, he knows what the woman wants. We did some ride and boat walks. I was happy! These two weeks passed like one day.

Zbyshek went to Poland and promised invite me in Poland and pass together nice time in one of Polish ski pavilions.

I returned to my house and I wanted to share my my impressions with my friends. I invited Alice - my good and close friend. Alice likes to surf free dating sites too. And she had some romantic relations with men from free dating sites. Alice came to me in the evening. I showed her my photos, which I and Zbyshek took together. Alice saw these photos and sharply changed countenance. "But he is my Fred! He loves me and we are going to marry next summer!" - she exclaimed. I was shocked. I called to Natasha and told her about my upset situation. Natasha asked me to send one photo, where Zbyshek is, to her. I sent. Natasha wrote me she knows this guy. He is former husband of her friend Lisa. He stole all her money and disappeared.

In that way I knew my Zbyshek is marriage swindler. And my dreams and expectancies that I met good, serious guy for happy familiar life were crashed...